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"My broad skills base means I am able to develop fully bespoke solutions or prototype exciting new online concepts, without the risk of misunderstandings occurring between workers focusing on individual aspects of a project."

Ian Pullen   |   0034 924 875 743   |   Skype: marchena35

I'm a Graphic Designer, turned Web Designer and Developer based in southern Extremadura, in the west of Spain. It's not a well known area outside of Spain, despite its beauty and friendly inhabitants, but if you can locate Seville on a map, we're about 80 or so miles north of there.

Prior to moving to Spain, my experience was producing work for print and as recently as a year ago, I continued to produce a range of print work, including artworking collateral for some major brands.

My focus is now quite firmly on the web and particularly my own projects, but I'm still equipped to produce print ready work. I can produce samples of a range of past work on request.

As well as working with graphics software, I also write about graphics software. I was previously employed by The New York Times for a year and, while no longer contracted, I continue to have a couple of articles per month published on their website.

Due to my location, I'm very used to working remotely with clients that I've never met and have no difficulties managing projects on this basis through various channels. I've got one client that I've worked with for more than two years who I've never even spoken too, with all communications via email, Skype and Gmail Chat. The 'virtual paper' trail has proven to be a very effective way of reducing misunderstandings during communications, as ambiguities tend to be more obvious and so are addressed ahead of the fact.


I'm comfortable working on both Mac and PC platforms, with experience of the following software.

In terms of web design, my skills cover several disciplines.

Employment History

01/07 - present
Self-Employed Designer/Artworker/Web Developer
Since moving to Spain at the end of 2005, I've been developing my skills, particularly in the context of web development, and working on a variety of projects. For several years, until the death of the owner in 2011, I had a 10% interest in the estate agency business, one of my first bespoke PHP websites. I've also helped develop a number of craft related sites, including Freeneedle, that are monetised through Google Adsense. Through third party agencies, I've also undertaken print and web development work for a variety of banks and multi-nationals.

05/04 - 06/07
Graphic Designer
Four Square Marketing Communications, Penrith
I helped to set-up a new design studio for a well established PR and marketing firm.

09/01 - 05/04
Freelance Designer/Various
During this busy time, whilst converting two barns and then renovating a farmhouse, I undertook a variety of jobs. As well as freelancing during this time for local publishers, including In The Sticks and Living North, I also designed and created websites for several businesses, my first foray into web design. Latterly, we set up and ran a cafe with wall space for local artists and I also worked as a freelance valuer for one of the largest independent estate agents in the north east.

02/01 - 09/01
Graphic Designer
Superior Creative, Bowerhill, Melksham, Wiltshire
Design and print company with accounts including Booker Cash & Carry, The National Trust and Dyson.

02/00 - 02/01
Production Controller
Brunel Press Ltd, Bath
Regional/local magazine publishing division of Bristol United Press. This was a new role that entailed setting up an in-house Production Department/Art Studio. Previously this work had been contracted out to other production departments within the BUP group.

04/99 - 02/00
Production Manager
DP Media, Bristol
Publishing company producing a range of books and magazines for themselves and national and international clients such as ICFM and AsLib.

04/94 - 04/99
Paste-Up Artist - Junior Supervisor
Bristol United Press, Bristol
Regional/local newspaper publisher. I initially started as a part-time paste-up artist and worked my way up to the position of Junior Supervisor, the first part-time worker to achieve this.

04/96 - 04/99
Part-Time Glass Artist
At the start of 1996 I purchased a range of equipment for engraving and sandblasting glass. As I became familiar with the process, I started to market both my skills and work.


I know it's not so relevant at my age, but for the record.


After several years, the renovation of our house is largely complete and we share it with a silly selection of dogs and cats, several with special needs including blindness and deafness. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and, at the time of writing, am more than half way through my third 365 project. I also enjoy walking and cycling through the local countryside, which often ties in with my enjoyment of photography. It can also help to build an appetite and I enjoy time in the kitchen, particularly preparing Indian meals, mezze dishes and the occasional pizza - there is a dearth of takeaways here and the nearest Indian restaurant is in Seville.


I can arrange for references on request.