You Don't Have To Be Big To Think Big!

Though thinking big will help you make it big!

It doesn't matter what size your business is, there's no excuse for thinking small.

I can help you build your business' brand and image to ensure your first impressions are always bang on the money.

A Varied Career

I inherited my father’s artistic gene, spending much time as a kid drawing and painting, so it was no surprise I looked towards a creative career. After studying Graphic Design at college (this was just pre-Photoshop meaning we learned the old analog skills and had to adapt later), the earlier part of my career was spent in the design and production departments of various publishing businesses.

From 1999, I managed three production departments and design studios before we made our move to south west Spain at the end of 2005.

Since then I’ve continued working in design, though less print and more online/digital now. This has led to me embracing my techie side, no doubt also inherited from my Design Engineer father.

Through this period, I’ve been fortunate to work on a wide range of interesting and exciting projects. Some days see me creating for sole traders, while others find me sub-contracting on work for multi-national businesses, such as Unilever, Lenovo and Vodafone.

I've also enjoyed a number of writing gigs, producing for businesses of varying sizes, both solo entrepreneurs and some big web publishers, including a year contracted by The New York Times.

My latest career twist is taking all that I’ve learned over more than 25 years and sharing this with small business owners to help them project their brands with the same power and confidence as the big boys!

La Vida Buena

Probably the single biggest lesson I've learned from my many years with my wife Kate is the importance of finding a good work/life balance. Before our move to south west Spain in 2005, it often felt like life was something that happened to us rather than something we lived.

Sure, we enjoyed the benefits of owning four stunning properties in one of the most striking areas of England, an active social life and a flock of Herdwick sheep. However, our time never felt quite like something we were in full control of.

Choosing to leave the UK and forge a new life in a small Spanish village an hour north of Seville wasn't an obvious decision, but it definitely ranks as the second best I've ever made.

In our new home we discovered a new quality of life and it became clear what things were truly important to us. Having time for ourselves and to just enjoy being alive. Rural Spain and the warm community here made this an easy realisation.

We'd traveled to Spain with six dogs and a cat and had slowly brought new members into the household in our first few years. In 2010 we took on a very poorly cat who we named Batman. While we had a very short time with him, he opened our eyes to whole new world of pets.

His legacy was that we discovered how rewarding it could be giving a home to special needs animals. Since then we've been fortunate to have shared our home with some remarkable characters. Right now, I'm surrounded by 10 dogs and six cats, the majority of those completely or partially blind and/or deaf.

I know that we've been really fortunate to have made a number of big life decisions that have worked out well for us. Even before our move to Spain, in the course of five years we lived in five different homes, spanning England from the south west to the northern border with Scotland.

It's not always been smooth sailing and we've had to face our share of difficulties. However, being bold and embracing our opportunities has rewarded us in so many ways.

We would both encourage you to be bold and start living your life. Harking back to our time living just south of the Scottish borders recalls the powerful William Wallace quote.

"Every man dies. Not every man really lives."

Just because the map says "here be dragons", you may find they're not as big and scary as you feared if you choose to take the path less trodden.


This is the latest feed from my Instagram CRE8365 account where I'm posting an image per day for one year, kicking off 30 November 2016. This is my fifth 365 project, though it's been a few years since the last one.

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