Great News – Tidying Up Can Hamper Creativity

Apparently working in a messy environment can promote creativity over working in a clean and tidy space. I intuitively knew this already, hence my love of piles. Less good is the news that we’re more likely to actually do something and be productive in an uncluttered space. Obviously need two offices.


Hello Asparagus!

We’re just coming into one of my favourite times of the year – wild asparagus season. The photo doesn’t show a great haul, but it doesn’t really kick off till the start of March when hopefully the countryside will be full of it.

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Quickie Logo

This is just a quick 20 minute logo design. We’ve owned the domain for a few years, but it’s been unused for at least 12 months. We’re planning to bring it back into use for a different purpose, so need a logo to apply to it.

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Poor Sam – our epileptic dog just tumbled off the Eames ottoman as a seizure kicked off.

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Graphic by Autodesk on an iPad2 – ooh I rather like this. Ordered a Wacom Uno 3 to replace the Pogo Stylus I’ve been using.

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Alfie Grand Back on the Drugs

It’s not as rock’n’roll as the title suggests. Alfie is not a Yorkie with a bad drug habit, just a Yorkie with a bad back that’s back on the anti-inflammatories.

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Pushups? 30 seconds of resting my nose on the floor more like #7minworkout

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