I'm a graphic designer and web developer who believes there's always a better solution

What I'm working on right now

Ringo Lingo is a site that offers free dictation exercises for people learning English as a Foreign Language.

This was inspired by my wife’s need for a tool to help some Spanish youngsters who were learning English and has now grown a life of its own.

The video below highlights some of the unique features I’ve built into this new site.

Your Netflix subscription expired?

Your partner being even more tedious than normal?

Or you just need reminding that good looks aren't everything?

Why not read all about a middle aged man with no hair instead.
Don't forget to scroll all the way down for an invite to my desert island.
Now with added "Bad Ass" Bobbins

Other things I do

19 years of lessons learned from working online armed with just a stubborn streak and a fistful of dimes

Over the years, I’ve picked up all sorts of tips and information to slash the costs of working online.

On Shoestring Hustle, I’ll be sharing hundreds of those tips, plus some valuable lessons learned from an eclectic range of situations involving a diverse cast of characters, including international DJ sensation Fatboy Slim, the drummer from 80s band A Flock of Seagulls, British TV presenter Zoe Ball, a couple of dozen hyperactive sheep and even a gun toting gangster.

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