On my desert island

Since binning our TV set in 2001, we’ve become big fans of radio.

The UK’s longest running radio show is the inspiration for this page. Desert Island Discs lets us get to know a guest, but not just through an interview.

In brief, the “castaways” are asked to name the eight music tracks they would want on a desert island.

It’s a great way to get to know people, so let’s give it a go, but with a twist. Why stop at music?

Oh yes, before we dive in, along with The Bible and complete works of William Shakespeare, guests are also invited to select a luxury item and a book to take to the island too.

So, my luxury item will be an eternal cheese and wine party.

For the book? I think the owner’s manual for the Bosch HBA63B150B built-in oven. It would be great to think that if I ever got rescued, when I got home I’d know how to knock out a couple of slices of toast with that little bad boy.

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Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash