Ian Pullen

Why target low awareness prospects

Here’s a bold truth about marketing funnels you won’t hear anywhere else…

The typical funnel approach will never bring you the big money.


Take a look at this little doodle…

If you’re like most…

You’ve been taught to create the typical funnel for people already interested in your type of product or service.

You were taught to engineer a marketing message which targets people aware of a problem and actively looking for a solution.

That’s because this is the easiest way to generate some sales.

But, what you haven’t been taught… is… this is not how the big money is made online.

No. The typical funnel approach is never behind the monster paydays you hear about.

That’s because the typical funnel approach targets what are called “High Awareness Prospects” which is your smallest segment of potential buyers.

Yes, these prospects are the easiest to convert…

But, engineering your marketing for these prospects doesn’t give you big sales volume potential.

It only gives you the opportunity to generate sales from the small universe of “High Awareness Prospects”.

And that’s why the best marketers always engineer their front-end campaigns for “Low Awareness Prospects”.

This is where you make the big, big money.

And that’s because, even though “Low Awareness Prospects” are the toughest to convert, they make up a monster universe which gives you monster sales volume potential.

In other words, when you have a marketing campaign engineered to convert “Low Awareness Prospects”, you have monster scalability.

Whereas, when you use the typical funnel approach you have very little scalability.

This is why average entrepreneurs — the ones knowledgable and even skilled in the typical funnel approach — are often frustrated and disappointed in their lack of sales volume.