Ian Pullen

Two types of buyers

One of the single most valuable lessons I heard about copywriting was from “Email Players” subscriber Ken McCarthy. He said there are two kinds of leads in a given market: 1. The 5% who are super rabid and buy everything 2. The 10% - 25% who are skeptical and need to be sold These may not be exact numbers for every market. But in my experience, in the markets I’ve sold in — from weight loss to golf and self-defense, to MLM, online marketers, biz opp, the dating niche, prostate problems, etc — this is far more true than not. And also in my experience: The 5% of rabid people will not only buy everything, but they will do it without even reading your ad in many cases. And if they do, they are reading it looking for reasons to buy and their minds tend to validate your marketing’s claims, benefits, fantasies, etc. A much easier sale, obviously. This is why most businesses focus on them. But the skeptical types? They are always seeking to find holes your marketing. They are looking at everything you say in your business's marketing and thinking, “what a bunch of bull shyt.” And many times they do it for no other reason than they’ve made bad decisions before when buying and trusting the wrong businesses, and don’t want to look stupid again. Yes, they want what you have. They may even desperately need what you have. But while the rabid ones are looking for reasons to buy, these skeptics are looking for reasons not to buy from you. So why sell to them? Go back to the above 5% and 10% - 25% and think about that a second. You can get up to 5% focusing on the hyper buyers. Or you can as much as two to five times MORE potential response going for the skeptics. Which should you do? Well, I can tell you what I do. I go for the 10% - 25%. Because chances are, if you sell them, you will get that 5% anyway. Which begs the question: How does one get the 10% - 25% then? Those super skeptics looking to delete & click away and not read? The answer:

You switch the whole thing around in your marketing so you are not having to prove yourself and your offer to them… you are making your leads prove themselves to you.