Ian Pullen

Sales page tips

On landing pages, have a single CTA positioned after all the information about the product has been provided – may result in less clicks to checkout, but those who get there are better qualified and more likely to complete the process. Multiple buttons may lead to viewers clicking through to checkout early without all the information they need to make purchase, they may then decide against purchase without returning to sales page to read for further information.

Steps in Landing Page

  • Value proposition in heading – ideally max of 8 words, bold and making a statement
  • Follow headline with strong visual focus – product shot, video to continue to grab attention after headline
  • Outline the features and benefits with focus on the benefits, such as saves you time – specific is good, such as saves you 2 hours on average
  • Present a single CTA – see above
  • Social Proof
  • Clear guarantee policy
  • Integrate story telling into the page
  • _ Headlines Write at least 5 different headlines and test against eachother to find what works best with your audience Headlines under 50 characters typically do better than longer ones Use very specific numbers and data points Use words that drive actions through rationales – egs: tips, reasons, lessons, tricks, hacks, ideas, facts, wins Be creative with adjectives that suggest the content offers something beyond the ordinary Offer fresh and timely info – leverage fomo to make them believe they need to read it now before the possible benefit is dissipated – drive urgency in them _

Ranking Pages

  • Ask questions in the page title
  • Keep title tags between 15 and 40 characters – shorter URLs may also perfoorm better – in both cases it seems t be down to mobile use being greater with less space to display info
  • Always add a meta description
  • Optimize for Featured Snippets – adding structured markup to pages
  • Keywords in title tag, meta description and H1 still important. Keyword density of about 1% should be the target. Ubersuggest can assess pages for these aspects
  • Include keywords in URL
  • Optimize for parent content – use tree structure with sub poages linking back to the main page for the subject
  • Long form content performs better for searches that are looking for indepth information