Ian Pullen

Newbie business tips

A newbie raises his head above the fray:

“…read one of your emals saying you don’t want to deal with newbies. But if you have some good advice at all for those of us starting out I can really use it!”

The reasons I don’t cater to, sell to, or deal with newbies are many.

But I’ll give the question a wack.

Here’s advice I’d give to 20-years ago me:

  1. Detach from caring what anyone but the market thinks about a product idea, marketing idea, or copywriting idea
  2. The ONLY purpose of a website (if direct response) is to build a list, and probably every single copywriter, writer, or writing-related person you know will fight you on this – but ignore them, as they know not what they are saying, and are most likely following my advice about this without even realizing it
  3. Invest in and study Earl Nightingale’s “Lead the Field” audio program ASAP
  4. Don’t pay for informational products, but do buy them (will not explain further here)
  5. Polarization is far more effective than moderation
  6. Ignore all marketing-related advice you see on social media until you can discern what is good advice and what is baboon shyt
  7. Strategical thinking will make you far more than tactical thinking
  8. Don’t think like a writer, think like a publisher
  9. Never engage one-on-one with a troll who has less influence than you
  10. For sales skills read everything you can get your hands on by Jim Camp, Barry Maher, and Joe Girard
  11. Superior customer service will forgive a lot of marketing sins
  12. Build a network as quickly & aggressively as you can
  13. Stay out of debt, and don’t put any business-related products or trainings on a credit card – go dig ditches or something until you an afford it
  14. Problem solving is a far more valuable skill than solution giving
  15. Everyone (yes, me included) is full of crap until proven otherwise
  16. Understand that being popular is not necessarily the same as being in-demand and vice versa
  17. Learn the difference between selling & pitching and know when to do which
  18. You can never have too many merchant accounts
  19. Finally, do NOT buy any of my higher-ticket books or subscribe to the Email Players newsletter.

You aren’t ready.

Especially if you don’t have a real business yet.

Besides needing a real business how will you know when you’re ready?

The answer:

If you have to ask, you aren’t ready.