Ian Pullen

Evergreen Urgency

An “evergreen urgency” is a call-to-action with an

urgency factor that is not tied to a specific date or

time limit.

The evergreen offer has a time factor that serves to

create a sense of urgency — but that time factor, in

fact, applies to every day in the year.

So you can use it anytime you want, all year round.

This classic evergreen urgency offer revolves around

the recipient’s birthday:

“Enroll before your next birthday”

What makes it an evergreen is that whatever day the

recipient gets your email, it is ALWAYS before their

“next birthday” — right?

Because whenever your birthday is, the next one is

ALWAYS coming up.

Yet, because it incorporates a time element, the copy

conveys a sense of urgency.

A real-life example from a State Farm DM envelope


“If you come in prior to your birthday, you may

quality for a $125,000 life insurance policy for $97.23

per month.”

Another example is a mailer selling a home warranty.

The copy that begins:

“This letter is to inform you that your property’s

home warranty may be expiring or may have already


Again, it sounds timely.

But when you reason it out, you realize that just about

everything on the planet either may be expiring or is

already expired — including our own lives, right?

Exercise: See if you can find a way to incorporate an

evergreen urgency angle into one of your offers.

Then test it.

If it works, then you now have a valuable marketing

asset in your toolbox you can use and reuse many times:

Evergreen urgency… a simple “hack” to manufacture

urgency where in fact there really is none — only

your reader does not know the trick you are using to

get her to act now instead of later!

Simply beautiful. Beautifully simple.