Ian Pullen

A persuasive story telling format

Is it time to go vegan?

That’s the question I was wondering tonight as I watched a new documentary on Netflix called, “The Game Changers.”

The movie followed a former UFC champion on his “Hero’s Journey” of getting injured, looking into the science behind plant-based diets to help him recover, his investigation into the adverse health effects of animal products, and then the results that him and other vegan athletes experienced after making the switch.

Now, I can’t say that I’m going to change my diet because of it.

(In fact, I was eating 12 oz. of medium-rare filet mignon while watching the documentary.)

But as a copywriter, I had to appreciate the persuasive techniques employed by the filmmaker.

It was quite compelling.

And there were points when I was seriously starting to question my long-term beliefs.

So what made the film so effective?

Well, for starters, the main character used what I call the “skeptical narrator” approach.

This means that instead of making bold claims and positioning himself as an evangelist from the get go, he used a tone and language that showed he had doubts about a plant-based diet (doubts that are likely shared by the audience).

Then, after stating each objection, he would overcome it with proof in the form of anecdotes and interviews from professional athletes, celebrities, and medical experts.

Sure, he cited studies as well.

Lots of them in fact.

But he never went into any research on a technical level to the point where it would confuse the audience and risk losing their attention.

It was the perfect amount of straight-to-the-point proof to validate the compelling stories woven throughout the documentary.

By the end, the narrator was so overwhelmed with what he discovered that it was only logical for him to go vegan!

And this story arc of starting with a problem… discovering a possible solution… and overcoming personal doubt to see if it’s the real deal… is a common formula in great copy packages.


Regardless of how you feel about meat & veggies.

I highly recommend watching “The Game Changers” if you want to watch a prime example of world-class persuasion.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi