Ian Pullen

4 questions about an ad

Evaldo Albuquerque
If you’ve read my book, you know I like to talk about the importance of having an idea that’s unique, emotional, simple to understand and believable.

That’s actually the filters I tell the writers in my team to use when they’re looking for ideas.

And Bencivenga used a very similar filter.

He said that with every copy you write, you should ask four questions…

  1. Does this ad address an urgent problem or desire?
  2. Does it make a promise of a uniquely superior solution?
  3. Does it prove to me why the solution is uniquely superior?
  4. Does it make it irresistible for me to try it?

As he said…

“These four questions are like an X-ray machine, revealing any structural flaws in your advertising’s persuasive power.”

That’s so true.

So when you start working on a project, ask yourself those 4 questions.

It will help you figure out if your idea really has legs.