Ian Pullen

2 tips to increasing webinar conversions

Unfortunately the page with the video tips on this no longer exists – https://theconversionclub.com/how-to-5x-your-webinar-sales/

For webinar sign up page, offer an option for someone to opt in to get the information without signing up for the webinar.

For non-appearances, can offer replay, but definitely target them with a similar series to that provided to those who didn’t want to sign up to the webinar, so they get the info without having to watch complete webinar.

This following tip may work as a way to increase viewings by 1 or 2 percentage points, but why bother if you can 5x conversions with the two tips above. Based on The Small Big – May improve attendances by asking people where they will watch the webinar after they sign up. Could also encourage them to team up with friends to hold watch parties for the webinar.