Keep it Confidential

There are some simple steps to follow to keep our information confidential, and all Insiders are expected to follow them.  You can read the full policies in the knowledge base.

  • Inside information must only to be passed to those who need to be involved, ask Secretariat if you aren’t sure before you pass on any information.
  • Always use passwords and encryption to protect inside information when it’s being sent by email, particularly if it’s being sent to a third party.
  • Don’t leave documents containing inside information on the printer or photocopier.
  • Make sure you check which printer you’re sending your documents to before you press print.
  • Follow the clear desk policy; don’t leave anything visible on your desk during the day and lock it away while you’re in meetings and overnight.
  • Take care when discussing inside information in open offices, at third party premises or on public transport. We’ve written a quick guide to help you keep your conference calls secure.
  • Keep an eye on your electronic devices at all times. Anything that has our logo on is particularly vulnerable.
  • The only members of staff authorised to talk to the media are those in the media teams. All journalist enquiries must be referred to the relevant team. It is extremely important that no other member of staff comments to the media.

If you suspect there has been a breach of security or become aware of inside information within the Group you must report it immediately to Grant Dawson or Insiders.