Ian Pullen

Designer, Developer
& Writer

If you need monsters for your business, you need to speak to my wife. Otherwise, I can probably help.

I qualified as a Graphic Designer and worked for various publishing and design companies, managing three design and production studios.

Since 2005, I’ve been self-employed and have worked on print and web projects for solopreneurs, SMEs and huge multinationals like Unilever, Lenovo and HSBC.

I also branched into copywriting, creating copy for billion dollar companies, had a year contracted by The New York Times and have written for smaller websites on photography.

You can find out more about my work below.

Website Design & Development

I mainly focus on WordPress based sites now, but have built specialized content management systems in the past.

Whether you need a custom theme or prefer a page maker based solution, I’ve got you covered.

Logo & Brand Design

Whether you need a quick and low cost logo that looks professional or a full bespoke brand design, I can help.

My Minimal Viable Brand product is designed to provide professional appearing visual brand in just an hour.

Sales Funnels & Marketing Automation

Are you putting off building the sales funnels and marketing automation your business needs?

Let me take the strain and build you a platform that can slash 100s of dollars off your monthly fees while powering up your essential marketing.

Tech Managememt

Do you struggle with the tech to run your online business? Do you wish you could cut your costs and maintain reliability?

Talk to me about how I can help you switch to lower cost tech solutions without compromising your business.


Would you like to build and manage your own web platform?

At Shoestring Hustle, I’m putting together a series of training programs covering how to build many of the most common types of website.

You’ll also find blog posts that give an overview of all that you need if you want to give it a go on your own.

Free Tools

Craft Entrepreneur is where I share a few free tools to help creative business owners.